Hey there! We are FORECAST
and this is a special offer just for you.

If you don't already know us, let's present ourselves: we're a band called Forecast and we are based in Italy and the UK. We play a genre called melodic hardcore (If you don't know it, try to imagine the melodic parts of emo and rock music and merge them with the energy of the hardcore scene).
We love to deliver high-energy shows full of singalongs together with the right dose of two steps and intense moshpits, and after many years, we've tried to keep this niche genre alive.
Melancholy for our youth and days passed with our best friends has always been one of our main inspirations for our songs. While life can tear people apart, music always keeps us connected.

Get this Special Edition CD for Free

Exactly 10 years after our first release, we decided it was finally time to print our first Album "Good Times Until They Become Good Memories".
We wanted to make this even more special by adding our Vacant EP, which includes our most famous song Vacant, and its acoustic version.
The songs on this Album hit more than 1 million views on YouTube, so we thought to celebrate and give this Physical CD completely for FREE. You just cover the £5 in postage, and we’ll send you a physical copy of the album.
Sound Good? We'd love to send this special edition right to you. Let's keep the Hardcore scene alive 🤘🏽